Gift Guide Idea for the Man in Your Life

Here we are with yet another gift guide idea, I am terrible at gift giving so this year I was trying to make it a little less painful on my end. I can’t be the only one that has a hard time with gifts.

I have made a little cheat sheet with a list of items that will work for almost every guy, here is what I came up with:

1) Winter Gear: Must guys don’t really enjoy shopping, so they tend to wear what they already have. I’m not saying that they have bad taste BUT as women we tend to be a little more in-tune with what’s fashionable, so why not help a bother out, you know? haha! I included 3 jackets that depending on the weather might be a good fit for your guy, my favorite is the tan wool blend overcoat by Topman.

2) Bath Robe: Ok, let’s just talk about this for a second… you know that luxurious feeling you get when you stay at a nice hotel and they have the coziest bath robes? it is not just us women that enjoy that, men also like it, don’t let their masculinity fool you! I found these two super soft bath robes that any men will low-key love!

3) BYLT t-shirts: This is a brand that we came across via Facebook, the quality was surprisingly incredible. They come in all different styles and colors for both men and women, I have over 6 different ones and my boyfriend has maybe 20 of them, I am not kidding you.

4) Charging Dock: I mean, I want one myself! This is a cool gadget for those guys who work from a desk, is an easy way to charge your phone while you can still look at the screen, quickly reply to a message, like your picture?! I mean, possibilities are endless lol. This particular one I found on Amazon for less than $20! Pretty to look at, not bulky, AND inexpensive?! I’ll take two. thank you very much!

5) Self Care Package: This is one of my go to’s, this is the first gift I gifted my boyfriend when we started dating, so I guess I can’t do it again…at least for now!

I like to put together a little care package that will include: skin care (face wash, moisturizer, after shave etc) and a fragrance that I will like to smell on him, there is nothing sexier than a man that takes care of his hygiene and always wears cologne!

This are the items that I will include on a care package:

Are you guys all done Christmas shopping? I haven’t even started and it is 12/12!

I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and let’s not forget that the gifts are not the real reason behind the holidays. Please enjoy each other!