Bougie on a Budget... Biggest Streetwear Trend this Summer

Unless you are living under a rock, you have been seen the bulky sneaker trend all over social media. Personally I was not a fan, and then I gave in…what’s new? I know, social media peer pressure at its finest.


Balenciaga Triple S

For me, it all started with the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers. They were so ugly that they were cute, the more and more I looked at them the more I wanted them, and then I saw the Louis Vuitton Archlights, OMG! I needed them, I just could not get myself to spend over a thousand dollars on a trend that soon would be a thing of the past.

LV sneaks.png

LV Archlight Sneaker in White

Well, the LV sneakers were on my mind for weeks, and I thought why not? the color was easy to wear and maybe I will get enough uses out of them where I could compensate my purchase. Well, I went online and when I was ready to just make the purchase it happens that for my size I had to place a special order and hope they will come in… I think that was a good thing, I was not going to place an order to wait couple of weeks, so I did not end up buying them (my bank account was happy about that).

On the lower end, but still same style idea I found the Fila Disruptor II and since I am able to wear kids size I found them for only $55! *hand raise emoji* was a no brainer for me. I saw them in various colors, I am one to only wear neutrals for the most part so I was leaning towards the white ones, there were also a pair of red ones and a pair of yellow ones that I thought were pretty cool but I thought it would be harder to wear with what I already have in my closet. I thought about it for couple of days and decided that if I was going to do a pair of chunky sneakers (ugly sneakers) well then I might as well do a bold ass color… guess what color I went with… NOT WHITE!


Fila Disruptor II Premium Repeat

I placed my order on a Sunday and by Wednesday they were at my door, by Thursday I was rocking them to work. I will say, the are NOT LV’s BUT I am so happy with my $55 dollar purchase.

Here are some of the pics of the look I put together on Thursday, I did want to wear a yellow top but did not want it to be as bold and at the same time I did not want to look super casual so I threw on a white blazer and made sure that my hair and make-up looked good as well. I felt super stylish, trendy and put together all while wearing my bright yellow chunky sneakers.

I am obsessing over this color now, I even got my nails done in this color! what are your thoughts on this streetwear trend? do you think it just needs to go or are you all for it?