Spring 2019 Pantone Approved colors!

It is that time of the year again, Spring fashion is here and with that comes the revelation of this years Pantone “IT” Color.

For those of you who are asking: “WTH is Pantone?” well, long story short…Pantone is technically the color forecaster authority of fashion, this is all based on Fashion Week, Of Course!

If you don’t remember, last year’s color was deep purple “Ultra Violet”. Living Coral or more specific Pantone shade 16-1546 has been determined to be this year’s hue.


Living Coral

Gigi Hadid was caught in New York wearing Living Coral Head-to-toe.

But that doesn’t mean that Living Coral is the only color that we are going to see at the retail stores this spring, oh no honey we got a lot more to choose from.

Make sure that if you are not as bold as Gigi to wear it head to toe, you at least get yourself a statement accessory in this shade, you know, just to keep up with FASHUN lol.

So I’m now going to break the spring color Palette for you.

Yellow is always a color we are going to see during spring, and according to the Pantone: Aspen Yellow and Mango Mojito (I need one in my hand right now) are going to be this spring shades.

When it comes to the Orange and Red family: Turmeric is going to be a bold orange, while Fiesta is going to be a spicy red/orange and Jester red is going to be a darker muted red, more like a fall appropriate red but approved for Spring 2019 =)

I am always super excited for new Pink shades, and unknowingly I was wearing one of the spring shades just few days ago. Here are the pinks that are going to be in your face this spring:

Are you an Olive girl like me? well if you are, get excited for this years shades. These Green shades will for sure spice up your wardrobe. Pepper Stem is going to be more of a greenish/yellow shade while Terrarium Moss is more of an earthy/olive green shade (give me all the Terrarium Moss).

Now onto Blues, I am not one to wear lots of blues aside from Navy, which is technically my Black. This spring I will for sure be incorporating more blues to my wardrobe. Here are this spring’s blues: Princess Blue is going to be a very similar shade to Royal Blue (I know you have something in this shade already) while Eclipse is a darker shade of navy (I sure have Plenty of this).

Now, if you are more of a Neutral type of gal then do not feel like you are out of luck… Pantone got you girl! We are going to see a lot of these two shades throughout spring and we are going to see this being worn monochromatically.

Sweet Corn is a clean Ivory shade (good alternative for white or off white) while Soy Bean is a great beige shade.

Lastly, still in what I want to call more wearable neutrals we are also going to see lots of Browns. Now I do not wear much brown, I guess I will have to incorporate some for this spring.

Toffee translates to a rich Chocolate brown while Brown Granite is more of a grayish brown.

Well now we got all the spring shades covered, which colors are you excited to play around with? Personally I do not wear much red, so for me it will be about adding some Fiesta into my life =) Also Pink Peacock will be fun to play around with, maybe a pair of slacks?

You guys will see how I play around with these colors in the next couple of weeks. If you give any of these colors a try make sure to use my hashtag #jfabtsyles, I will love to see what looks you guys come up with.

Make sure to have fun with it XoXo!