Happy to be ALMOST Thirty

Why are we so afraid of getting older?

Turning 30 can be a big deal…who am I kidding? I am freaking out a little.

By 30 you are supposed to be married (not divorced like me lol) to a successful, tall, tanned, handsome man (in a well tailored suit, of course), pulling a perfectly executed dinner out of the oven with all your organic ingredients of course! You should be having this big, beautiful home with beautiful flowers planted around your gorgeous porch where you sit at night while sipping your wine, duh!

Your children should be playing in the backyard while you are getting the family dinner ready… you know what? I call it BULLSHYT! Pardon my sailors mouth.

Reality check, that is not the way it works for most of us at all.


I have had so many mixed emotions in the past few years as I get closer to turning 30.

Society tells us that we need to stay young, I mean, look at all the people we follow on IG! They are all fully covered in botox, fillers, fake lashes and fake hair all while trying to stay young. Do you blame them though?

I am not saying that what they are doing is wrong, you best believe I will dive into all of that when I feel it necessary.  I never really cared about age until NOW, only because I’m turning 30, why is 30 such a scary number?

To me, turning 30 meant that I should already have it all together, I do not. Sometimes I eat ice cream for dinner for God’s sake!

I found myself in my late 20’s being a mom (which had always been a dream for me), divorced and somehow trying to start my life over. I thought that by now I would be having my second child, and after all I might not even do that. We tend to plan our lives and life has a tricky way of playing itself out.

In my late 20’s I started to grow in ways I didn’t know were possible, I started to know myself in a deeper level, I started to set boundaries and I started to ask for the things I wanted instead of just expecting them. I also started not giving a SHYT about what anyone has to say. Caring about what everyone has to say can take a toll on you big time.

At this point in my life, I have learned so much… and I mean life changing, truth realizations that I never saw coming. The kind of stuff that can truly change a human. 

I have been working on loving even the things that I considered flawed about myself, I’ve learned to own who I am and that has been so empowering.

With all this what I’m trying to say is…own yourself, own your fine lines, own your cellulite, own your not so perfect hair… own all of it!

Thirty doesn’t have to mean that you are an old lady who doesn’t get to have fun anymore, and it also doesn’t mean that because you might not be married or have children you haven’t achieved anything important in life! Live YOUR life, after all, you only get one… right?

“Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.”

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