Life is Hard...

There's no other way around it. 

I'm referring to the life that is happening right at this second. You might be in you mid 20s or late 30s, maybe even in your 40's, and like me you might be doing life as "you are supposed to" work, relationships, children and maybe some socialization here and there...I will hope so.

At this point in life you might be feeling extremely tired and not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Between trying to keep up with a career while trying not to fail as mother, as a wife, or as a single mom it is definitely overwhelming. We deal with the guilt that maybe we aren't doing enough, not been there every step of the way for our children because we also want to keep up with having a career to not lose our identity, for God sakes! I know the feeling... the house gets crazy, the kiddos get sick, laundry just sits there, groceries are just forgotten, maybe you don't remember last time you felt special, and pampering yourself? I mean what does that even mean?!

This is the stage of life where helping your friend deal with marital problems is more important than liking someone's engagement or gender reveal post... when did we become adults with all these responsibilities? and when do we get a break?

I wish I had the answers, but what I do know is that everything is happening for a reason. We need to find a balance between all the things we try to juggle every day. I don't know why we think that a busy life = a significant life. We try to do way too many things and some of those things serve no real purpose in our lives other than taking up our time. We need to learn to say NO, and start using our time wisely, don't say no because you are too busy, say no because you don't want to be so busy. I learned to remove lots of the things that were just making my life "busier" and just taking too much space and peace in my mind. The least I have to deal with the more time I will have to spend with those that actually matter most. 

Another thing that I learned is that a career is something that can come and go, YES! it is important to have a career, don't get me wrong, not only for the financial security aspect but also for our own self-esteem. We need to have work and life balance though. Our children and loved ones need us more than our job does, and believe me... a job can be replaced, but missing out on your children can never be taken back.

Although this part of life can be very tough it is also amazingly beautiful, like absolutely beautiful! So hold on to those little snuggles, those late night sessions with your computer, those early mornings where you don't know if you are doing things right, where you feel as if money will never be enough and you feel like you just can't catch up, where your marriage goes through the most difficult times and in the end it will make you both closer and stronger, hold on to all of that! Everything along the way is molding you to be the best person that you could ever be...It is such an amazing journey, and it is definitely worth it.

It is tough, but so are you. 


Love you tons.