4 of the Biggest Lessons Mia has taught me in the past 24 months! (Letter style)

To my Dear Mia Bella,

I don't remember what life was before you, nor do I want to. It feels as if it has always just been me and you, and really, you have only been around for 24 delightful months.

  • The past 2 years I have watched the both of us grow, you keep getting bigger and I keep trying my hardest to grow into the best mom that I can be to you. Let me tell you...sometimes I ask God, what did I do to deserve you?, I don't think there is an answer. I will just keep thanking my lucky stars for giving me YOU, right when I needed you the most!

  • The first 3-6 months I enjoyed just staring at your huge eyes as they changed colors, watched for each tooth to come out, watched your straight hair turn into the big curly mane you now have. From 6-12 months you became so interactive and learned to communicate so well through your eyes and by pointing with those little fingers of yours.

  • The week you turned 1 you learned how to walk! From there it was on, nothing could stop you. I feel as if each day you get smarter and smarter. Here you are, almost 2! repeating almost everything you hear, being the girliest girl possible. Your favorite things are to get your nails "done", brush your teeth, get dressed and look at yourself in the mirror, and of course, let's not forget Peppa Pig!


Its crazy to see all that you have learned in just 24 months, but what I am most grateful for is the lessons YOU taught ME:

1. You have taught me the importance of being happy. I didn't realize how unhappy I was until I had you, and then I took the steps to be my happiest not only for me but because I want to be able to always lead you by example, and just know that every decision I made, you were and will forever be my priority.

2. You have taught me the importance of self-care. Watching you grow is definitely something I wouldn't trade for the world, but I'm not going to lie, sometimes mommy needs some time to just unwind and walk away from picking up toys, sweeping the floors and folding tiny clothes (which I love to do). Sometimes when I want to do certain things I get the mom guilt, but I realized that I can't give you the best of me if I don't feel my best. So mom's out there please make sure you give yourself at least an hour or two per week.

3. You have taught me to trust my instincts. Call it whatever you want, but the minute you were born I learned how to be a mom. It has been a natural thing for me. I have never felt overwhelmed thinking that maybe I am doing it wrong, really there is no right or wrong in motherhood...I just know that I ALWAYS do my best. I trust that mommy instinct or mommy sense in me and I know we will be just fine, after-all we are both new at this thing, no? haha

4. The most important lesson you have taught me is to laugh and let it go. You are always so happy, how can I not be happy? Sometimes I could be having an awful day for whatever reason, but the minute I get home and see your face nothing else matters.

For all the lessons you taught me...Thank you (your favorite words to say right now) my sweet little girl!

Love Always,

Your Mama!