I got it from my mama!

Happy Mother's Day to all my lovely mother's, and to my dog mom's as well! I can't believe we only celebrate one day... do you have an idea of what it's like to keep another human alive?  

Celebrating my second year as a mom, and I have to say that this year was pretty awesome! I got to get dolled up (I even wore fake lashes!) and got to let loose and party Saturday night for a "Bad Mom's Night Out" at the rooftop pool of the Westin Hotel, it was so much fun! I went with the idea that it was going to be just a mom thing, but it was pretty LIT! 



At the end of the night "Tom" (my boyfriend) came to pick me up and as we were on the way back home he hands me my "Mother's Day" present... it was a MacBook marble case (keep in mind that I have a pretty old laptop, so clearly it wasn't for my laptop) he then hands me the actual gift... it was a new MacBook! I was really about to cry, it was just so thoughtful for him to not only get me a new computer, but to get me the case he knew I would love was just beyond perfect... I think he is a keeper y'all! And can you believe that we will be in Greece in about a month? I don't know if I'm ready... but I do know that I am beyond excited and I can't wait.

Ok, is it bad that I got more excited about the case than the actual computer? I mean, look at how cute it is though! Case is by Janet Gwen designs!