Am I lame for this? (Part 1)

Ok, so here's the deal: I've pretty much been in a relationship my whole life.

My first relationship took up 16-20, and then from 21-27 was my second relationship. That one resulted in my marriage and my beautiful daughter. The problem came when I decided I needed to get a divorce and move on! Let's just say that it took a real set of balls to do that. 

Long story short: I moved to a different state with my then-boyfriend. I had nobody else to rely on and here I was- pregnant and knowing I was going to divorce this guy. FUN times! I will probably make a more in-depth post on that subject at some point, but for now here is where I'm trying to get at: How does a single mom with a 7-month-old baby even begin to get in the dating scene? 

I knew I was ready to start to get to know someone new. Someone who could, perhaps, show me a good time. Keep in mind I had been out of the game for 6 YEARS! While talking to my co-workers, I decided to make a MATCH profile! I felt so lame for even considering doing that, but I reasoned that since I wasn't really going out and I didn't know many people in this city, maybe online dating wasn't a bad idea after all.

So I started making my profile. I tried to give a good idea of who I am and what I was looking for. I figured: "Why not be 100% honest and see what can come out of this?" It was maybe a week in and I had 100+ messages. And then it all began...

I went through the messages and started the elimination process. I got down to maybe 4 guys that were attractive and seemed somewhat normal. (You have no idea of the number of grandpas in there pretending to be in their 20's using their REAL pictures. Don't get me wrong, that might have been cool if I was just looking for a sugar daddy.)

At this point, it was time to reply and see if there was any potential. I went on my first date the next week. I didn't want it to be super serious (yet), so I met- let's call him- "Michael" for drinks after work. Well, Michael was good looking, had a lot going on for himself, came from a good family, etc. but 10 minutes in, I knew it was going to be the first and last with Michael. No specific reason, I just didn't feel the connection there. I was hoping he wouldn't try to kiss me at the end. (SPOILER: he TRIED!) He texted me that night, trying to arrange for another date and I just gave him excuse after excuse for maybe a month and then he got the hint.

The day after my date with Michael, I was supposed to go on my first date with "Tom." This time I was meeting him for lunch, but after my date with Michael, I just didn't really feel mentally ready to go through the same B.S. of getting to know someone. So, I just brushed Tom off and decided to take my profile down for awhile. I clearly wasn't in a headspace to waste my time getting to know guys.

"Tom" was not a quitter, though! He was persistent and a week later he caught me off guard and called me. (NOTE: I only picked up because I didn't have his number saved, so I didn't know who it was.) He asked me on a date, and this time it was kind of impossible for me to brush him off since I was on the phone with him. I agreed to meet him out the next day...

Can you take a wild guess of what happened on my date with Tom? Stay tuned for part 2 =)