Family Weekend

Mia and I had such an amazing time having family over for Easter, while she got to play with her little cousins Audrey and Justin, I got to catch up with my cousin Elaine and her husband & of course my lovely grandma who's been here from the Dominican Republic.  It's always a good time when my family from New Jersey comes to visit, makes me miss home for sure. We did a little bit of hiking at Mount Bonell, a bit of scenery at the Oasis Brewery which by the way has the most breathtaking view, lots of great food,  and we took a little day trip to the San Antonio Riverwalk.

I haven't been in Jersey since Thanksgiving and next time I will be going will be in July, for my niece's wedding, I am so pumped, it will be such a special time, I'm bringing a new guest "le boyfriend", we shall see how that goes, I am super excited to bring him around my crazy huge family, I don't think he knows what he is getting himself into!

But anyways, I could not leave without posting the cutest 5-second video of Audrey & Mia walking around holding hands in this beautiful garden, which by the way had PEONIES!! This was our last stop at Salt Lick where the boys had some good ol' Texas BBQ & I clearly enjoyed the gorgeous garden with the girls.