Guess what ?!

You won't believe me when I tell you, but I am more than just a MOM.

I know, surprise! Yes it's true, most of my time revolves around my almost 2 years old or doing laundry, making dinner and watching cartoons with her, so you might be thinking... OK, you are JUST a mom! Sometimes I will agree with you, I am JUST a mom. But truthfully, that doesn't mean that becoming a mother should consume you.

It is true, once you become a mother your life will change completely, in most cases it changes you for the better. I know some moms lose their identity, and that's something I knew I did not want to do. Whether you are happily married and have a great support system, or you just became single right after having your baby (which was kind of my case, by choice), it is your decision to keep or lose your identity. I knew that being responsible for a little human meant that I was going to have to sacrifice certain things about my life, and yes, I do not get my nails done every other week, I don't go partying every weekend, maybe I can't go on vacations as often as I will like, and that's OK, because when I do those things now, they are ever more exciting. I make sure to make time for myself, every now and then I go get my nails done, I make time for date nights (which is super important, whether you are married or in a new relationship). The key is to ensure that you are giving yourself the time to be yourself, and no, you shouldn't feel guilty for wanting those things.  

 Being a mom is by far my greatest joy in life, but there is more to my life than just being Mia's mom, -my relationships, my family, my creativity, creating my dream job! I hope you moms are making the time to slay and do what your heart desires all while you are raising some amazing kiddos, because next thing you know, they are off to college and you will feel pretty lost without them if you do not make it a point to find yourself!