Gift Guide Idea for the Chic mom. (Thanksgiving giveaway time)

Can you believe that the holidays are here? It’s gifts season. I don't know about you, but I tend to have such a hard time picking gifts for those around me. So… this time around I decided to help those alike me. I came up with a gift guide idea blog post season =)

This first gift guide will be to help you navigate your gift ideas for the chic mom, or chic girl friend in your life. I have teamed up with few bloggers and we are gifting a $350 Nordstrom gift card to one lucky winner. For more details go check out my most recent Instagram post and best of luck! Now onto Gift Ideas…

1) Jewelry: This is always a great go to, there’s so many beautiful pieces to choose from and the price range is unlimited. I will link some of my favorite pieces that I think anyone will love this season. Studs Earrings Topaz Pearl Earrings David Yurman Bracelet

2) New Fragrance: I am one to love perfume, I tend to go for a more sweet scent but I have been trying different perfumes to find my signature fragrance for the next year. Is that weird to do? I mean I just want to find the perfect fragrance that is going to remind me of the last year in my twenties!
Here are some of the ones I have been obsessing over. Mon Paris Eau de Parfum YVES SAINT LAURENT Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Joe Malone Velvet Rose I am leaning more towards Mon Paris.

3) Sleepwear: I think we are all a bit guilty of not buying cute sleepwear, or maybe is just me who knows. I find it to be a thoughtful gift when someone chooses a pair of cute, comfy and soft sleepwear for you, is the same feeling as sleeping in your freshly washed sheets, am I right?! Anyways, here are some of my recent favorites: J. Crew Vintage Cotton Pajamas Ugg Raven Herringbone pajamas Nordstrom Moonligth Short Pajamas J.Crew Sweet Dreams Short Pajamas

4) Skin Care: Skin care can be an intimidating gift to get for someone else but I promise you ANY girl will love the gesture. The key is picking a “for all skin types” product, that way you know she will actually use it . Fresh Black Tea Firming Overnight mask is an intensely moisturizing overnight treatment that works in sync with the skin's natural nighttime recovery process to achieve a lifted, firmer look by morning, hello who wouldn’t love this? and it is for ALL skin types.

Skin Gym Rose Quarts Crystal Facial Roller I had to include a skin roller since it has been so talked about and it feels amazing (write her a cute little note and tell her to put in in the fridge prior using it, trust me when I say that it makes a huge difference). This natural crystal roller has a large and small stone for easy, effortless movements all over the face. If you are not familiar with Crystal rolling, here are some benefits: Maintain healthy blood circulation and skin tone, helps to boost natural collagen. It can reduce puffiness and wrinkles; it can help improve elasticity of the skin; and it can help promote lymphatic drainage. It also helps to reduce undereye dark circles and can eliminate toxins and tighten pores.

5) Cozy Throw: I don’t think this needs any explanation…we all love a fuzzy and cozy throw blankets, and if you don’t, we need to reconsider our friendship.

6) Candle and Wick Trimmer: Just as much as I like my perfumes I obsess over candles, and in my opinion every candle enthusiast (like me) needs the perfect tools…so gift them a wick trimmer! Who would have thought that it was a thing? It will compliment the candle and it will look fabulous as an accessory on her coffee table tray. I get my candles from Bath and body works since they always have some amazing deals and every scent to choose from.

7) Stylish Carryall Backpack: I love this gift idea, specially for the busy moms. Nobody likes to carry around an ugly diaper bag when they can carry a stylish backpack, am I right?
Here are some of the ones I found:

8) 2019 Planner: keep the busy bee’s organized with a pretty planner and a pretty pen.

9) Chic Sneakers: Let’s be honest, most of us (me) are not really working out but we are running all the time from one responsibility to the next one so let’s consider that a workout! And while at it, let’s wear the appropriate sneaker. This particular style has been my favorite and I want it in every color. Check if you are able to get her size in kids size and you can save couple of dollars!

10) Wireless earbuds: We can all agree that we dislike (hate) wires, by the TV, by our phones, in our kitchen, cars and most definitely do not want wires around us when we are trying to listen to a podcast or simply watching a youtube video while at work lol. I found these pretty cool looking and affordable wireless earbuds that she will love, and they are less than $15…thank me later.

This wraps up this gift guide. I hope you found the perfect gift for her and if you did not I hope you at least got some ideas. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway on my Instagram and I hope you all have an amazing holiday season!