About JFabStyles




The girl behind the blog...


Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I’m Jana and I’m excited to share my journey balancing motherhood along with my passion for anything beauty & fashion. A little bit about me: I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic before moving to New Jersey, and finally landing here in Texas. I followed my passion and got certified as a fashion stylist by The School of Style in New York, and used the experience I gained there to get into management for high end retail. (My favorite!)

So, what’s Jfabstyles? The name came about 9 years ago while I was working my first retail job at BCBG. J is for Jana, Fab for Fabulous, and of course Styles... well, because Style! It just stuck with me ever since.

I'm looking to inspire and motivate other women who, like me, might need a little break from their day-to-day life. I hope to be able to plant, cultivate & watch this blog grow as a community that is all about empowerment & motivation. Feel free to leave a comment and follow me on social media!